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Working with suppliers

Working with suppliersInternational business partnersAccommodations

International business partners play a key role in making your supply chain more sustainable.

Outbound operators are key in product design and in communicating about sustainability and sustainable products towards the consumer. Inbound operators are key in local product development (matching supply & demand) and communicating sustainability throughout the local supply chain. Outbound and inbound operators need each other’s engagement and commitment in order to create a more sustainable supply chain. 

Training and reporting

Travelife offers online sustainability tools to engage and evaluate your international business partners. For example, they can take part in a Travelife training and report on basic sustainability requirements.

In a growing number of destinations Travelife also offers local support programmes including ‘on-site’ training opportunities. As Travelife member you will be informed well in advance on upcoming programmes in order to invite your local business partners. 

The Travelife sustainability system for hotels provides support, advice and tools to help (your) accommodations to improve their sustainability performance and cash-flow.

Travelife for Hotels and Accommodations supports travel companies that are committed to working in partnership with their suppliers.  Through a web-based facility  you can evaluate and compare the sustainability performance of your hotels, thereby avoiding the need to collect data and audit hotels individually.

Through the online system hotel managers can check their sustainability performance, get feedback and monitor progress. By complying with the requirements of social and environmental criteria hotels will receive a Travelife Bronze, Silver or Gold award, based on an independent inspection, allowing them to proudly display their award status on their websites, stationery and in their properties.

Hotels benefit directly from cost savings and gain a competitive advantage by marketing their business as Travelife awarded in the tour operator brochures and websites.

Benefits for tour operators

  • The tools are available in many languages, and can be applied for your global operations;
  • You can evaluate and compare the sustainability performance of your accommodation suppliers;
  • You can offer your customers a sustainable choice by indicating the Travelife Award in your promotional materials.
  • Certified hotels can be promoted to consumers via the Travelife Collection, a platform featuring all Travelife awarded hotels. Consumers will be linked to your booking platform if you offer the hotel.

As a tour operator you will have to separately subscribe to the "Travelife for accommodations"  tool.   

The sustainability of your travel company largely depends on the environmental and social impacts of your suppliers

To fully achieve your sustainability goals you can support your suppliers with incentives for good practices, communicating why your company has chosen to set certain standards and by demonstrating the value of sustainability management.

A tour operator supply chain  is complex and consists of many different suppliers including transport, accommodation and activities, each delivering  a small part of the holiday product.  An individual approach of each supplier would involve much time and resources.  To motivate and evaluate suppliers it is more effective to work jointly with other travel companies by communicating unified standards and  by sharing evaluation and audit results.

Travelife facilitates such a common approach by offering a range of training, communication, evaluation and information sharing instruments. They allow you to effectively approach and motivate suppliers towards sustainability. These are already available for accommodations, inbound operators and destinations. 

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