Tour Operators and Travel Agents


Working with suppliers

The sustainability of your travel company largely depends on the environmental and social impacts of your suppliers

To fully achieve your sustainability goals you can support your suppliers with incentives for good practices, communicating why your company has chosen to set certain standards and by demonstrating the value of sustainability management.

A tour operator supply chain  is complex and consists of many different suppliers including transport, accommodation and activities, each delivering  a small part of the holiday product.  An individual approach of each supplier would involve much time and resources.  To motivate and evaluate suppliers it is more effective to work jointly with other travel companies by communicating unified standards and  by sharing evaluation and audit results.

Travelife facilitates such a common approach by offering a range of training, communication, evaluation and information sharing instruments. They allow you to effectively approach and motivate suppliers towards sustainability. These are already available for accommodations, inbound operators and destinations. 

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