Moving Thai Tourism towards sustainability through a business led supply chain approach


The main project objective is to promote inclusive sustainable growth, to contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Thailand, the development of a green economy and the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy. Specific objectives include:

  1. Adopt sustainable production and consumption (SCP) practices among MSMEs promoting less polluting and more resource efficient products, processes and services in the Thai tourism sector;
  2. Replicate previously demonstrated SCP practices throughout the supply chain of tourism MSMEs in a business-led approach and increasing access to green financing;
  3. Promote SCP practices in the tourism sector at national scale;
  4. Increase awareness on SCP in the tourism sector, distilling knowledge from the project for replication in the Asian region;
  5. Promote the economic value of SCP in the tourism sector interaction between MSMEs and finance institutions is facilitated;
  6. Address sustainable supply chain management and facilitate the integration of MSMEs into the tourism supply chain through sustainability reporting, labelling and certification;
  7. Support sustainable consumption and consumer awareness on SCP specifically for tourists and international tourism agencies in Thailand;
  8. Support existing regional fora (e.g. ASEAN, Pacific Asia Travel Association, Asian Ecotourism Network) on tourism and SCP enhancing policy dialogue in Asia.